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viernes, 4 de julio de 2008

Handbook of Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

Number Of Pages: 272

Publication Date: 2008-01-09

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1405161094

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781405161091

Binding: Paperback

Product Description:

The Handbook of Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology provides an up-to-date clinical guide presenting best (and, where possible, evidence-based) practice in the diagnosis, treatment and management of pediatric endocrine disorders.

Vaginal Hysterectomy

Product Details

Book Publisher: Taylor & Francis (16 April, 2007)


Book author:

Amazon Rating:

Book Description:

Advances in laparoscopic technology have led to new interest in the vaginal approach to hysterectomy, which has many proven benefits for patients. The authors here caution that this technology helps in only a percentage of cases. Experts explain the indications and contra-indications for the vaginal approach, discuss preoperative assessment procedures and offer an evidence-based elucidation of vaginal hysterectomy. With a full profile of the potential complications, morbidity and mortality associated with the vaginal approach, Vaginal Hysterectomy provides a well-balanced appraisal. It is an essential text for practicing gynecologists, surgeons, consultants and postgraduates.

Lange Q&A: Surgery

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Medical

Number Of Pages: 416

Publication Date: 2007-05-21

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0071475664

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780071475662

Book Description:

With 1000 USMLE-format surgery questions and answers, each with thorough explanations, and a bonus practice test, this resource provides an unmatched review of surgery. Students will find everything they need to ace the USMLE Step 2 and the surgery shelf exam.

Sepsis: New Strategies for Management

Publisher: Springer

Number Of Pages: 142

Publication Date: 2008-07-01

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 3540790004

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9783540790006

Binding: Hardcover

Product Description:

Sepsis is an important public health problem around the world. Severe sepsis carries significant morbidity, mortality and high costs. The incidence of sepsis is increasing because of the aging population, the growing number of immunocompromised hosts, the increasing use of invasive procedures, and, to a lesser extent, antibiotic resistance among pathogens. Despite recent advances in the pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapeutic approaches the mortality rate associated with this condition remains high. Therefore, the goal of Sepsis: New Strategies is to review novel targets to be considered in patients with severe sepsis and to assess new developments for patients with sepsis originating in the respiratory tract.

Outpatient and Primary Care Medicine, 2008 Edition (Current Clinical Strategies)

Publisher: Current Clinical Strategies

Number Of Pages: 296

Publication Date: 2007-09-28

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1934323063

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781934323069

Binding: Paperback

Product Description:

This concise handbook outlines current management strategies for ambulatory patients with common disorders. It includes current guidelines for cardiology, gastroenterology, and gynecology.

Treatment Guidelines for Medicine and Primary Care, 2008 Edition

Publisher: Current Clinical Strategies

Number Of Pages: 372

Publication Date: 2008-01-08

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1934323128

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781934323120

Binding: Paperback

Product Description:

This pocket handbook is a compilation of current diagnostic and treatment guidelines for patient management in primary care. New NMS guidelines are included. It outlines the diagnosis and therapy for common problems encountered by family physicians, internists, and other primary care providers. This book is useful for physicians, medical students, nurse practitioners, and physician's assistants.

Publisher: Icon Learning Systems

Publication Date: 1998-03

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0914168835

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780914168836

Binding: CD-ROM Book


This interactive multimedia study tool is comprised of Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, Third Edition and a NEW special edition of Netter's Interactive Anatomy CD v3.0, which includes: -965 Netter illustrations and images -Audio pronunciations of every label, image title and image subtitle -A handy movable magnifying window giving users a detailed close-up of any anatomy plate - up to 2x magnification -A multi-level search tool and printing capability for both gray-scale and color Windows and Mac compatible!

Prostate Cancer: Translational and Emerging Therapies

Publisher: Informa Healthcare

Number Of Pages: 330

Publication Date: 2006-10-04

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0849371856

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780849371851

Binding: Hardcover

Product Description:

Scientists have reached a critical point in the development of new therapies for prostate cancer. The information gleaned from the Human Genome Project, alongside the emergence of new technologies for the use of genetic data has expanded the physician's understanding of disease progression and widened his armamentarium for prostate cancer prevention and control. This expertly-written reference thoroughly analyzes the scientific principles and methodologies behind the most recent translational therapies and provides the necessary context, data, and studies for practitioners to select appropriate candidates for treatment and effectively apply new therapies in clinical practice. Tags: Urology, Oncology, Genetics

Nero 8 Ultra

Nero 8 - The Ultimate solution for Data, Video, Photo, Audio and BackUp! The redesign of the user interface improves the usability and makes Nero Burning ROM 8 the fastest to use ever. The access from Nero Burning ROM to the Nero Home database guarantees easy access to media files including advanced search options with Nero Scout.Nero 8 enables you to experience your digital media in completely new and innovative ways. With the addition of a Nero Home – media manager, you can now have the complete PC and TV experience. Whether you want to access your media files from the comfort of your living room, or complete digital media projects on your PC, Nero 8 is all you need.Now, with more features than ever before, this powerful software can transform your digital photos into professional animated slideshows, backup all of your valuable data, manage or search your media files, edit video or photos, create DVDs (including menus), and stream your files over a media server, and compress files to take on the go.Nero 8 supports Blu-ray technology and gives you the ability to burn your data to BD-RE and BD-R (Blu-ray) media, which enables you to store enormous amounts of data (25-50 GB) onto a single discNero 8The Ultimate Solution for your Digital LifeWelcome to your digital lifeNero 8, the newest version of the world’s best-selling multimedia suite, brings the digital world to your PC. Now it’s easy to organize and manage all your multimedia files, as well as create and edit new digital content. Nero’s sleek design and user-friendly tools make completing projects fun and enjoyable.* Direct access to all features fromthe project launcher* High Definition format support* Xbox 360™ and PlayStation® 3streaming features* Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD burning support* SecurDisc data protection support* Copy a disc with just one click* Graphics optimized for Windows Vista®* Continual free updates

Dia de la Independencia de los Estados Unidos

Hoy es 4 de julio, el Día de la Independencia en Estados Unidos, la ocasión perfecta para saludar a todos los estadounidenses, lo que incluye a los que nacieron allí y a los que decidieron vivir allí. Esa mezcla, no siempre sin traumas como resulta inevitable, puede considerarse una de las razones por las que EEUU es lo que es, frente a los países que siempre han desconfiado de los que cruzan sus fronteras con la intención de comenzar una nueva vida en otro lugar.

Esperemos no volver a vivir una situación como esta, nunca más.

miércoles, 2 de julio de 2008

Autopsy: Life and Death (4 episodes) [Video]

It’s said that the dead tell no tales—but an autopsy reveals a lot about how a person lived and died. In this four-part series, world-renowned anatomist Gunther von Hagens and pathologist John Lee study and dissect human cadavers—preserved through plastination, von Hagens’ patented process—and clearly illustrate the causes of death. Each program features eye-opening lessons in anatomy and pathology, offering an in-depth look at the intense hands-on training that precedes a career in medicine. A follow-up to the series Anatomy for Beginners, item. Contains clinically explicit language and demonstrations. 4-part series, 49 minutes each.
Autopsy Programme 1- circulation
The series begins by looking at diseases affecting the circulatory system, a major cause of death in the UK. Von Hagens and Lee explain that rather than life hanging by a thread, it hangs by a tube. In particular they demonstrate the complex network of blood vessels that deliver oxygen to our vital organs. If some of these narrow, harden, become blocked or burst, they can damage the heart and end in what we understand as a heart attack.
Autopsy Programme 2 - Cancer
In the second programme of the series von Hagens and Lee take a look at cancer. They illuminate the difficulties of diagnosing and treating a disease that is a result of the body’s own cells multiplying uncontrollably. Von Hagens dissects a woman who died of bowel cancer to reveal the site of the primary tumour and the other parts of her body that it affected. He also reveals the silent spread of tumours in the frozen body of a woman who died from breast cancer.
Autopsy Programme 3 - Poisoning
When von Hagens and Lee address the subject of poisoning, they are not thinking of a murder mystery. Von Hagens dissects the body of a dialysis patient who died of kidney failure to reveal that we are more likely to die of internal poisoning than by a surreptitious dose of arsenic. Lee explains how the body can be contaminated if critical organs like the kidneys and liver malfunction and fail to filter out poisonous byproducts of metabolism.
Autopsy Programme 4 - Ageing
In the last programme, von Hagens and Lee illustrate the process of ageing. To reveal the dread process for us all to see, the two scientists compare the bodies of two live models - an 84-year-old and a 24-year-old. Von Hagens then compares sections from the cadaver of a woman over 80 years old with the same sections from a much younger woman. By revealing the internal extent of ageing damage, von Hagens and Lee demonstrate the widespread effects of ageing and explain why we can’t life forever.

Clinical Anatomy - 11th Edition

Descarga Aqui:
Parte 1

150 ECG Problems

Descarga Aqui:
Parte 1
Password: Lekar

Manual para la Instruccción del Socorrista.


* Cap. 1. Generalidades.

* Cap. 2. Vía aérea y ventilación

* Cap. 3. Circulación.

* Cap. 4. RCPC Básica.

* Cap. 5. Reanimación en el trauma.

* Cap. 6. Vendajes, inmovilización y traslado de pacientes.

* Cap. 7. Otras condiciones que requieren apoyo vital.

* Cap. 8. Socorrismo y Medicina Tradicional y Natural.

* Cap. 9. Rescate médico.

* Cap. 10. Manejo prehospitalario de víctimas en masa.

Neurologic Clinics (Perioperative Management and Preoperative Assessment of Neurologic Diseases, Volume 22 Number 2)

Descarga Aqui:

Password: DrWael

Cecil Textbook of Medicine

Descarga Aqui


Descarga Aqui:
Parte 1
Password : dear_reader


Descarga Aqui:

Life And Death In Intensive Care

Descarga Aqui:

Password: DrWael

Mechanical Ventilation

Descargar Aqui:

Password: DrWael

Current Opinion in Critical Care

April 2007 edition
Descarga Aqui:
Parte 1

CURRENT Critical Care Diagnosis & Treatment

Descarga Aqui:
Parte 1

ABC of Intensive Care

Descarga Aqui:
Parte 1

Manual of Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound


Nelson Textbook Pediatrics

Descarga Aqui:

Abre con Isilo

Pediatric Critical Care Review

Descarga Aqui:

Password: DrWael


Pediatr Clin N Am 55 (2008) 287–304

Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Concise Textbook

Curso Intensivo MIR - Asturias

Una excelente colleccion que todos deben tener xD.

lunes, 30 de junio de 2008

Esipro3 - Convierte texto en voz

Descargalo aquí:
Gracias a Leonardo Valladares que cotribuyo con este programa.

Opinion sobre los chilenos

4to Juicio: Los Chilenos (1ra parte)
4to Juicio: Los Chilenos (2da parte)

Auscultación cardiaca

Auscultación cardiaca MSD,

linea cardiovascular

Excelente programa multimedia en CDROM donde, a parte de algo de teoría, imágenes y vídeos, se recopilan cientos de sonidos cardíacos identificados.Temas principales:Primer ruido cardíaco y soploSegundo ruido cardíaco. Desdoblamiento del ruido.Ruidos cardíacos anormales y accesoriosInsuficiencia mitralEstenosis mitralLesiones valvulares aórticasCardiopatías congénitasArritmias cardíacasFenómenos ausculatorios en otros padecimientosExamen autoevaluativo


- El CDROM está en formato ISO, se puede cargar en una unidad de cdrom virtual con el programa Daemon tools (o similares), o grabarlo con un programa de grabación (NERO,alcohol 120% ,clone cd...)

- Dentro del CDROM está el archivo "instrucciones.pdf" donde explica como iniciar el programa.

Chile le debe una disculpa a Perú

Leanla, fue escrita por un mismo chileno.

Curso Urgencias Medicas

V Curso de Urgencias Medicas Para Residentes Dr. Pablo Rivas Gonzalez.

Simulador de emergencias médicas

Simulador de emergencias médicas

2 CDROM Castellano Astra 768 MB comprimido

La simulación la podremos ver en modo interactivo ó en modo explicativo. En el modo interactivo el simulador hará las paradas oportunas y nos dará a elegir una opción indicándonos si nuestra decisión es correcta ó incorrecta, en el modo explicativo el simulador nos irá dando la opción correcta en cada momento decisivo del caso práctico visualizando el vídeo sin paradas. Cada caso de la simulación llevará una locución de introducción del caso que vamos a ver y una locución final resumiendo los pasos más importantes del caso. Durante el proceso de simulación en ambos modos tendremos unas opciones que nos proporcionarán información del caso que estamos viendo. Los controles de video nos permitirán interactuar sobre él.Son 2 Cd que en su mayoría tienen videos explicativos por medio de animaciones y otros de simulación de casos reales donde veras los pasos a seguir en situaciones de emergencias medicas.También tiene una sección de lectura “las fichas medicas” que hablan en detalle de cada situación y caso. Todo mediante un software interactivo que te va guiando y entrenando

Manual MIR

Manual MIR

Hospital de Toledo, España
pdfs, 1.8 Mb

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support ACLS

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support ACLS

American Heart Association2006 American Heart Association
ACLS Supplementary Materials

ACLS Provider ManualACLS Core Drugs

ACLS Science Overview VideosACLS Self Assesment

domingo, 29 de junio de 2008

Lange Q&A - Internal Medicine, 4th Ed

McGraw-Hill Medical 2007-03-13

ISBN: 0071473645 368 pages PDF 4,3 Mb

EURO 2008


Creo que Epaña estuvo a la altura de las circunstancias en este Certamen (EUROCOPA 2008).

Son las ...